Instant Magic 150 Tricks Set

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Instant Magic 150 Tricks Set
This 150 Trick Magic Assortment from by International Playthings welcome you to the world of magic and illusion! A world that is created by sleight of hand, a flick of the wrist, and most importantly of all, an assortment of Instant Magic Trick Sets! All magic sets are designed for the beginner, novice and experienced magicians containing 150 tricks different tricks to perform. The tricks are easy to learn and a beginner can become a seasoned magician instantly! Each set comes equipped with an enchanted wand and both, traditional and unique, magic tricks including cups and balls, cards, rope tricks, coin tricks and much, much more. Also included in the 150 Trick Magic Assortment is an easy-to-understand instruction booklet with step-by-step illustrations for the up and coming magician to share with no one. Ages 7 & up. Live rabbit not included!
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