Every Tuesday morning sitting on our porch is fresh milk in large glass bottles. It is always a treat to pour a glass of fresh milk to satisfy the craving. It is because of this that we created the Good Milk set, a wooden milk bottle and two small cups. Simple and lovely.::This set is created from birch wood and DOES NOT include the bell. The milk bottle stands 6 tall and the cups each stand 3 tall.

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Just as the kitchen is the hearth of the home, a play kitchen becomes the hearth of the playroom. Children use their play kitchen to mimic what they see taking place daily. Boil water for tea, fry an egg, or bake cookies, and children relive the experience in their own kitchen. A play kitchen also encourages the imagination to invent new uses, be it a restaurant, vendor stand or cooking school.::We believe that a design that harmonizes both form and function is the key to a successful product. Ascetically simple, yet extensive in function, our kitchen will impress the greatest culinary masters and kitchen craftsmen. Created with the warmth and durability of solid cherry with walnut and birch accents, our kitchen was designed for multi-generational play. The stove, burner and faucet knobs work flawlessly and smoothly without the use of any metal hardware. The brushed metal sink bowl is made from heavy gage stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning.::A sliding cutting board pulls out 12″ to allow access for more children. Oven and sink doors operate on self-closing hinges. We also included a partition that divides the oven from the sink compartment for more realistic play and safety. To prevent water damage to the counter top and expand the possibilities of play, we opened up the back of the kitchen allowing it to be positioned against a wall or in the middle of a room.::The Simple Kitchen Hearth is 24 ” wide, 14″ deep and 41″ tall. The counter is 22 1/2″ from the floor and the hutch shelving is 5″ deep. The kitchen is shipped fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box. The price includes shipping in the continental United States.::PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high demand for A Simple Hearth we STRONGLY advise ordering now to guarantee availability in time for the holidays.

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Our Olden Days Ironing Board was designed for those who have limited space. It can be easily transported, set-up on a table, or paired with the Drying Rack. It is created from cherry wood with birch dowel feet.

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Our Olden Days Iron is simple in design yet capable of magical moments. A dark walnut wood base contrasts beautifully with an organically formed maple handle. Our Olden Days Iron is handcrafted and hand rubbed with a beeswax finish.

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Camden Rose Categories Cooking & Housekeeping Housekeeping Pretend Play & Dress-up Sets Toys & Games

Camden Rose Categories Cooking & Housekeeping Housekeeping Pretend Play & Dress-up Sets Toys & Games

This adorable set of three Dry Good Containers is perfect for the natural play kitchen. They nest wonderfully and display beautifully. They arrive unfinished and, if desired, a child could paint or stain for personalization or as a nice craft project. The largest of the wooden jars is 2 3/4 in diameter and the smallest is 1 1/5 in diameter. These are made in the USA from domestic sustainable harvested.

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Wooden eggs have a long history. They were first used to seed a nest. This trick has been used for generations among farmers worldwide. Because the eggs are the same size and weight of a large chicken egg, farmers place the wooden eggs under a lazy chicken and magically the chicken begins to lay eggs. Wooden eggs have also been used for generations as a teaching toy for children practicing in the kitchen.::Straight from Camden Rose Farms we offer a set of 6 eggs in a recyclable egg container. The eggs are sanded baby smooth.

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Memories are made moment-by-moment. Imagine this moment. You look outside through the kitchen window into the backyard, where your child has just finished using an old-fashioned washtub and washboard. After squeezing out as much water as possible, they hang each garment on a drying stand using old style clothespins. These are the moments when we notice an unforgettable look of serenity in our child’s face as they pretend to be us.::Simple. Well-made. These are the only two words that are needed to describe the quality of the drying stand. Drying garments, pictures or flowers has never been easier. The drying stand, created with four clotheslines, locks in the open or closed position using the Camden Rose trademark Kid Clamp.

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One of the most versatile toys in a child’s playroom is the playstand. While many of us recall memories of being under the table and dreaming in similar forts, the playstand is a permanent fort that need not be taken down in preparation of dinner. Children use it for just about anything one can imagine. A well-built playstand is just about the best open-ended toy or play furniture on the market. Children use the playstand to create a cozy house or a bustling store, or when a child hangs a silk or cloth from the canopy it turns into a wonderful puppet theater.::Without the use of tools or glue a playstand can be set-up or dismantled in less than five minutes. Each playstand comes with either one or two fully adjustable shelves and a fixed canopy. With the three possible shelf configurations there is an almost endless realm of versatility.::The Cherry Playstand Playroom includes Two (2) Cherry Playstands with two (2) adjustable shelves, Four (4) “Cheery” Playclips, a set of Playstand Connectors, and a choice of one of four brilliantly colored Playsilk Canopies (please indicate your choice of Canopy Silk during Paypal checkout).::The playstands are crafted by a Camden Rose Co-op in the USA from cherry, walnut and birch wood. The wood is eco-harvested by a certified woodland sustainability program. Included is a handy cotton storage bag that holds the Camden Rose “Kid Clamps”, wooden nuts and easy-to-follow instructions. The Playstand is 40 1/2″ tall, 12″ deep, 42″ wide 24″ with the canopy.::SHIPPING IS ONLY $4.75!

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Mark Twain once said, There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life that he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure. Everyone has this desire to find the hidden chest with jewels and gold where X marks the spot. Now dust off your imagination and search for treasure with your young lassie or lad.::Our treasure chest is finely constructed from solid cherry wood with formaldehyde-free leather and rivet detail. The chest comes with six birch wood coins and nine glass gems (made in the USA). Perfect size for young treasure seekers yet, with such fine detail and construction, adults will also treasure its quality. The chest measures 8.5 W x 7H x 6D.

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